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The Observation: We no longer have the means to buy disposables.

Why does investing in designer furniture or decoration become a real investment in itself?

Imagine a home that feels like an art gallery, where each piece tells a story and adds value to your heritage. This is what you get when you invest in designer furniture and art decor. Gone are the days when furniture was just a simple practical object. Today, every element of your interior can be a work of art, a smart investment that will only increase in value over time. At BUNHOME, discover how to give character and real value to your interior, whatever your budget!

Why should art furniture and decoration galleries be located in big cities?

In the heart of the Cognac country, in a "bunker", dedicated to vintage design.

Setting up our gallery in the peaceful Cognac region rather than in the middle of the city means choosing an incomparable quality of life for our company. Here, we find inspiration in the heart of a region strong in its roots, far from the urban tumult. In addition, this region, renowned for its cultural heritage and artisanal know-how, offers an authentic setting conducive to creativity. By being here, we connect to our environment and our roots, while offering our guests a unique experience, far from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Welcome to our artistic haven of peace (or not 😬) in the heart of Cognac.

If we had to put a face to the bunhome

Maxime Bironneau

Because one day you have to introduce yourself... Hello everyone! I am Maxime Bironneau, the founder of this gallery full of passion. Although my studies initially directed me towards the world of the web, I quickly realized that my true passion lay elsewhere than constantly behind a computer. Automobiles have always been my first love, but over time, my attraction to beautiful things and decoration took over. Today, it is with enthusiasm that I welcome you to BUNHOME, where each room is a reflection of this passion for art and design. Welcome to our world where stories come to life through each object!